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  • Son of original Soldier Settlers both of whom were awarded life membership of the RS.L.
  • Secretary of The Katunga Scouts Association 1990.       
  • Katunga South School Council Member 1991.
  • Katunga Football Club Secretary 1996 - 1997
  • Katunga Football Club Junior Vice President 1998
  • Co-Organizer Of "The Save The Lucky Country" Rally Held At Katunga in conjunction with Danny Johnson's "Save Australia Now" Committee.
    • With Speakers:
    • former Senator Paul Mclean who spoke on "The Roll Of The Banks In The Economy" .
    • Bill Weekes, Visiting Fellow In Business At The Royal Melbourne Institute Of Technology and contributor to the book "Shut Down". The Failure Of Economic Rationalism And How ToRescue Australia.
    • John Medows, Rural Councilor, 1992.
  • Founding Committee Member Of Graham Weatherly "Associated Buyers Of Australian Made Inc. 1992.
  • Murray Valley Coordinator of the" Australia First Campaign" "Save Our Farms, Factories And Future" . Run by The Australian Association Of Independent Businesses. 1993
  • Chairman at a Shepparton Meeting Held Jan 1994.
    • Speakers
    • Robert Hawks Campaign Manager, And National Coordinator,
    • " Australian Association Of Independent Businesses"
    • Colin White Chairman Of Economic History At LaTrobe University.
  • Assistant Secretary And Assistant Treasurer Of The Australian Reform Party (Moira Branch)1997.
  • Moira Shire Candidate 1997.
    • Issues Where Rural Water Supply Equality And Creation Of Moira Shire Bank Finance And Banking.
  • Current Member Of The Sporting Shooters Association Of Australia.
  • Current Member Of The Northern Victorian Irrigators Association.


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